Mitt Romney Does Not Have The Rudy Syndrome

A month or two ago, with political polls showing widening gaps in favor of President Obama, Governor Romney’s public approval ratings slipping, and political pundits claiming he had no chance of winning, presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, looked doomed to certain electoral defeat.  If you asked me at that point (and, many people did), I said the following:
“if the election were today, Governor Romney would lose.  But, there is a way he can win, he simply has to establish a plan, and follow it.”

Turns out that in this particular game of predicting the future, I must humbly confess that my predictive skills, although apparently accurate, were accompanied by a healthy level of skepticism.  I truly believed there was a way for Governor Romney to win, I just didn’t believe he would actually do it.

You see, based on the way his campaign had been conducted up to that point, with an almost singularly inward focus, it seemed to me there was no possible way Governor Romney would find the inner fortitude to put on the brakes, look his inner circle of advisors in the eyes, tell them to take their heads out of the sand, and establish and follow a winning plan for the remainder of the campaign.  I could not have been more wrong.

Yes, not only did they establish a plan, but for the past few months, they have been expertly executing said plan with surgical precision.  It appears to have started with the first debate, which even his fiercest critics agree Governor Romney won.  Since that time, the tide has shifted and President Obama’s chances of winning have gone from 100% to zero. 

How did this happen?  It’s easy.  Mitt Romney does not have the Rudy Syndrome.  He has a set of talents and he has been developing his skills with respect to those talents from a very early age.  In that way, his integrity and discipline, which are now second nature to him, carried him through the most difficult part of the campaign: the part where everyone says you’re going to lose.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have admired the President’s campaign savvy and political skill, as well.  And, in all candor, until very recently, I was certain he would be a two-term President.

In this particular case, however, it looks like sheer will and determination are going to win out over connectedness and political smoothness.  Whether you agree with his politics or not, you have to admire Governor Romney for refusing to give up or give in.  And, for that, we salute him.

12.25.12 Editor’s Update
We have received 3,124 new comments on this post since the election.  Most, surprisingly, in support of Governor Romney.  We were obviously wrong in our prediction about the election, but our readers have enthusiastically agreed that Romney does not have the Rudy Syndrome.  Whether you voted for him or not, one truth remains: every effort is worth your entire effort, whether you win or lose.

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