Predictions for 2013

As I tweeted on Christmas Eve: what a difference a year makes. Since we racked up an all-time high score of 90% on our 2012 predictions, we’re feeling pretty smug at the moment.  But, we have no delusions of grandeur here.  We know our long-standing tradition of predicting the future is based on no science or fact whatsoever.  So, if next year’s score is an all-time low, we wont be surprised.  With that overwhelming vote of confidence, here is what we see happening in 2013, in no particular order.

1.  The madness that is the fiscal cliff negotiations will be replayed all over again at the end of February, when the Republicans will avoid any substantial revenue increases, which we need, and the Democrats will avoid any substantial spending cuts, which we need.  The net result will be the worst of each, rather that the best of both.

2.  Which brings us to prediction number two: Americans will continue to dislike Congress more and more, despite having sent virtually all members back for another term in the 2012 elections, something some people would acknowledge is the textbook definition of insanity.

3.  People will start refering to the year 2013 colloquially as “’13″ or “thirteen,” rather than “two-thousand thirteen” or “twenty-thirteen.”  This will save thousands of wasted words, hours of airtime, Twitter characters, and newsprint as we finally let ourselves merge into the 21st Century, rather than holding onto the “year two-thousand” as if it happened ten minutes ago.

4.  NFL fans, owners, and players will stop pretending and finally acknowledge that professional football is only about making money and has nothing to do with putting together a winning team to which fans can become attached.

5.  The shine that wore off of Facebook after its less-than-stellar IPO will continue to tarnish as other more targeted social interaction opportunities continue to emerge in online communities, and advertisers acknowledge that the Facebook marketing model they didn’t really understand doesn’t really work.

6.  Americans, regardless of party-affiliation or political involvement, will begin to realize what an effective Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was, as her replacement begins to be scrutinized for failing to live up to the incredibly high standard she set.

7.  Business leaders from various industries will be recruited to run for office as Americans become less and less satisfied with the extremist positions taken by their elected officials, as well as their complete failure to represent the vast majority of the population who have center-right political views.  And, some of those business leaders will accept the challenge.

8.  Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, will move back to her home state of New Mexico to pursue the continuation of her extremely successful and politically astute career in the public sector, this time seeking national office.

9.  Charitable giving will trend toward educational charities rather than those focused on medical research and human welfare.

10.  And, evidence of global warming will continue to mount, regardless of the insistence by some that, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary, global warming is pure fiction.

That sums up our fifth annual look at ten predictions for the year ahead.  Help us keep score and be sure to tell us where you disagree.

But, mostly, we encourage you to spend every day committed to developing your skill on par with your talent. 

Happy New Year from The Rudy Syndrome!


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